Yes!  We understand that every program has different requirements and there are many use-cases that require an approval workflow to ensure the best rewarding experience possible.

Questions to ask when you start thinking about approval workflows:

  1. Who can access the application to initiate rewards? (Generally this is all managers and supervisors) 

  2. What are you looking to solve with an approval workflow and who needs to approve the reward? (Blueboard can accommodate two levels of approval - i.e. Department VP as level 1 approver, and HR Business Partner as level 2 approver)

  3. When should the reward be sent after approval? (immediately, or allow for manager to complete last step)

  4. Would auto-reminders sent to approvers be helpful? Blueboard can send reminders to keep things fresh!

Keys to Success:

  • Rewards are best went sent in real-time.  Approval workflows can cause a bottleneck in the reward life cycle if there are not good protocols in place. Blueboard can help!

  • If you are looking to use approvals as a way to manage a budget, there are other options! Blueboard can support named budgets within one program! This would allow for individuals, or groups of individuals, to have a designated budget to manage.

  • Just because Blueboard can configure two levels of approvals doesn't mean you have to use both. The key is to get the reward out to the recipient in the most efficient way possible.

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