Yes!  Blueboard is happy to announce we support Azure.  Below are some instructions to get started

Azure | Blueboard: Single Sign On Configuration Instructions 

Account Creation - Blueboard will need to know what fields you are storing name and email information in. 

  • To ensure Blueboard can create a user account, need to know exactly which fields the user's email and first name/last name are in. If first and last name are in two different fields, we need to know that to set up parsing.

  • By default we parse user.mail for email and user.principalname for first and last. Another common one is user.givenname and user.surname for name but can adjust this if you have custom settings in Azure

2. Metadata and URL generation, Steps:

  • Once complete, you should then be able to generate a metadata XML file to share with Blueboard. Please send this XML file to

  • Blueboard will use the provided metadata to generate a Reply URL which will look like the format Reply URL:<unique-hash>

  • With the Reply URL, you should be able to drop that into the application and it will be ready to test account creation 

Want more information? Reach out to to get set up on Azure SSO!

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