Program administrators can pull comprehensive rewards reports from your Blueboard Admin Tools at any time. Login to Blueboard, go to Admin Tools > Data & Reporting > Data Export.

Input your desired filters for Date Range, Programs, and Include Rewards: Reward Statuses.

If you're looking for unredeemed rewards, select the "Sent" reward status. This captures rewards that have been sent out, but not yet redeemed.

If you're looking for redeemed rewards, select the following reward statuses: redeemed, scheduling, scheduled, completed.

Redeemed means that the recipient has selected an experience, scheduling means they are working with their Concierge, scheduled means they finalized all experience details with their Concierge, and completed means they have gone on their experience.

Click the down arrow on the Create CSV button, then either select "all fields" or "choose fields" to customize the fields you want in your report, then click Export to CSV to pull your report. Exported CSVs should live in your computer's downloads folder.

Fields in Report:

  • Reward Code

  • Reward Sent At

  • Reward Requester

  • Recipient Name

  • Recipient Email

  • Reward Level

  • Reward Price

  • Achievement

  • Personal Note

  • Date Activated

  • Date Redeemed

  • Experience Name

  • Date of Experience

  • Status

  • Denied By

  • Denial Justification

  • Deleted At

  • Budget Name

NOTE: for clients who utilize our CSV provisioning feature, your employee file sent to us with any custom metadata headers (i.e. Employee ID, Cost Center, Hire Date, etc) can be appended to each record in this section for reporting. When you click Create CSV > Choose Fields, you should see your custom headers listed as fields to export.

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