At this time Blueboard allow's companies to send rewards directly to individuals. Blueboard does not recommend using Blueboard rewards for a large team events.

The way we see it, the goal is to say thank you to the team and make sure everyone feels rewarded for their efforts, the ability for them to choose something meaningful to them individually is super important. Logistically, coordinating the timing and reward selection for a large group of people has been challenging and caused more frustration than good times.  Blueboard typically sees only 5-6 out of a group of 10 that can actually go on the trip together, which defeats the purpose of making the group feel rewarded and leads to frustration on the part of the others that couldn't go. We then need to plan something separately for them anyways, which is why we don't do team events as recognition.

What we do instead is still send individual rewards, and the team will have access to the same menu of options. If certain individuals want to go on the same experience together (i.e. trip to Thailand, explore Germany, Staycation, etc), we are happy to book them for the same time frames and accommodations. That way, the people that don't feel strongly about going on certain experiences can choose what is most meaningful to them.

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