Whether you have been using Culture Amp for years, or are a new customer, you can leverage the platform's flexibility to measure Blueboard's impact in your organization. Below are three easy steps to adding a Blueboard measurement to your Employee Engagement survey!

Step 1: 

Before you distribute your next survey (pulse, or annual), add two demographic columns to the master employee file that will get uploaded into the Culture Amp platform. This file typically includes columns like the employee's name, department, level, tenure, plus the addition of the custom column(s) that can be built for Blueboard. Other common examples of custom demographic columns might include things like "did/did not attend a sales training", or "did/did not receive onboarding".

Step 2:

The columns will serve to segment employees who have Column 1) received a Blueboard reward, and Column 2) those who have gone on to complete their Blueboard reward experience. We recommend tracking both instances as separate columns to understand how recognition sentiment changes from reward receipt to experience completion (from anticipation to afterglow). Data to fill these columns is available for export from the client's Blueboard Manager dashboard, or can be pulled manually for them by the Blueboard CS team.

Step 3:

After completion of the next annual or pulse survey, within the Culture Amp dashboard you can choose to compare company-wide segments to these custom columns to better understand how employees who have been rewarded with Blueboard and/or completed their experience respond differently than their peers. 

Finally, here's a pretty helpful Culture Amp article for how to prepare Demographics which may be of assistance

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