Here's what it is:

If your company uses Microsoft Teams as its workplace productivity / collaboration / chat tool, keep recognition top of mind for your company with Blueboard's Microsoft Teams integration. We provide a way to automatically send Blueboard reward activity to a channel of your choice.

Here's how it works:

Important: Before getting started, make sure you have the proper permissions in Microsoft Teams to create, update, and remove connectors. Otherwise, you won't be able to add Blueboard activity to a channel.

Microsoft has additional documentation here.

First, when you're in Microsoft Teams, navigate to the "Apps" page and search for "Incoming Webhook" or navigate to the "Connectors" section of the page.

When you have the "Incoming Webhook" connector pulled up, click "Add to a team."

Next, specify the channel where you want to direct Blueboard activity notifications. In this case, in my company called "Demo Company," I'm directing Blueboard activity to a channel called "Company recognition - Blueboard!" Then click "Set up a connector."

In the name, type in "Blueboard" and you have the option to upload an icon or image of your choice. Click "Create."

Once you click "Create," a URL will be generated. Copy this URL.

Navigate back to Admin Tools in Blueboard and click Integration Settings: Configure Microsoft Teams.

Paste the URL into the field called "Webhook URL," switch on the "Send activity to" toggle, and then customize the type of Blueboard activity you want shown. To set things live, click "Apply Changes" below.

Here's an example of what reward activity will look like:

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