Automated reporting allows you to generate reports without having to manually login every time you need to pull rewards data. You choose the date range, cadence, and fields. The report will then be sent via email on the specified cadence in CSV format.

You can also send reports to other teammates who don't have Administrator access! For example, you can create a campaign to automatically send your Payroll team the info they need to process taxes come EOY.

1. Navigate to Admin Tools > Data & Reporting > Data Export > click Create an automated report campaign

2. On the report data tab, below are the required fields

  • Name of report campaign

  • Date range type

  • Date range (YTD, QTD, MTD, WTD, last month, all-time)

  • Select program(s)

  • Include rewards

Name of Report Campaign: You can name your automated report anything that is helpful for your team to see. This name will appear in the email sent with your report.

Date Range Type: We recommend using "Date Sent" as this is the best way to capture all active employees and precisely when rewards were sent; this is the most frequently used Date Range Type. If you have a Spot program with Approvals configured, you can also use "Date Requested" when you want to report on when rewards were initially requested.

Date Range: Select which date range you'd like to receive rewards data from. This will be a calculated date range depending on the date of the first report to be sent out. If you select MTD or WTD, this means the calendar period and not the number of days.

  • Ex: if the date of the first report is March 12th, then MTD date range will give you a report of rewards from the 1st to 12th of March. If the date range is WTD, then rewards from the latest Monday to March 12th will be included.

To pull an accurate monthly report, you must select the last day of the given month.

Select Programs: We recommend all programs on one report. If you have multiple programs that need to be separated or you need to report them to different departments, multiple automated report campaigns will need to be created.

Included Rewards: Include these reward types: Sent, Redeemed, Scheduling, Scheduled, and Completed. This is because we want every reward that has been sent within a given timeframe to populate on this report.

The only reward statuses that are typically left off here are any pending approvals, rejected, or deleted as these rewards have not affected your available budget.

3. On the CSV settings tab: select which fields you want to include or exclude on this report. If you use CSV provisioning, you will see your custom metadata fields from your employee file.

The screenshot below outlines the standard fields you should select if you're sending this automated report to someone who is not an admin in the Blueboard platform (i.e. accounting or payroll).

4. On the Timing tab: select the date you want this first report to be sent and the frequency you'd like it to be sent.

Date of First Report to be Sent: For a monthly cadence this needs to be set for the last day of the current month we are in to work correctly. EX: If this was set for June 1st, the report would only pull any rewards from June 1st. If this is pulled on May 31st, the report will now look from May 1st - May 31st and pull all rewards sent during this time frame.

Report Frequency: Set to monthly for the report to capture all needed data within a given month.

Specify Time: Needs to be set to 11:55pm of the time zone that you are located in. This way the report will capture all rewards sent from the beginning of the month until the last day of the month at 11:55pm within your time zone.

Specify Time Zone: Noted within Specify Time. Align this with the time you typically send rewards.

5. On the Recipients tab: enter the email address(es) you want this report to be sent to automatically via email

  • If you already pull reports frequently from your Admin Tools, enter your own email address to receive this report automatically!

  • You can enter email addresses of coworkers who don't have Admin access (i.e. payroll, accounting, leadership, etc)

Recipient Email: Can be up to 20 unique emails and can be an email that goes to a specific group. This does NOT need to be an admin within the system. All recipients will be released a CSV file via email. The CSV will export without needing to login to Blueboard. The link expires after two business days.

6. Once you've reviewed the Summary tab, click "Set Live" then you're done!

Below is the email sent to report recipients with a link to download the report:

When you click on the Download Report button in the email, you should automatically see the CSV report downloaded to your computer:

You can create multiple automated report campaigns, edit campaigns after they are set live, and delete them.

Please reach out to if you need help setting automated reporting campaigns up!

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