Once you’ve redeemed an experience, our team starts working hard to bring your experience to life. We won’t make reservations or book on your behalf until we’ve confirmed with you first.

If during the planning process you decide you'd like to explore other options or a different experience, you can let your Concierge know and they'd be able to assist you with that. As well, if the experience is unavailable at your provided times or location, you will also able to select a different experience.

However, once an experience has been confirmed and booked, we are unable to make any changes to your experience without incurring extra costs. Thus, all sales are final. We will work with you to try and accommodate any changes to your experience due to COVID-19 restrictions. We cannot however, guarantee providers will offer full refunds, and any additional costs incurred in rescheduling that fall outside of a rewards package may require out of pocket payment, depending on the experience providers' policies. Please keep this in mind as we work together to get you scheduled!

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